CredMedic is a collection of personal finance tools geared to assist individuals in improving and managing credit. The software is great for:

  • Teenagers and Young Adults to help understand the effects of financial decisions on credit
  • Financial services providers to help support their clients
  • Attorneys specializing in bankruptcy and tax law
  • Aspiring homeowners
  • Everyone looking to understand and improve their credit
Software Features
Windows / Palm
Credit Calculator
     The Credit Calculator provides an approximate credit score rating based on a selection of financial situations.
Windows / Palm
Debt Calculator
     The Debt Calculator estimates the time to pay off a given debt and the average monthly interest paid until the debt is paid off.
Windows / Palm
Loan Calculator
     The Loan Calculator is used to determine the maximum monthly payment and the maximum loan qualification.
Windows / Palm
Credit Monitor
     The Credit Monitor Tool allows users to track credit score information as reported by credit bureaus.
Creditor Log
     The Creditor Log allows users to organize and manage each creditor that is listed in a credit report.
Windows / Palm
Credit Bureaus
     The Credit Bureaus tool is an information resource for contacting each major credit bureau.
Windows / Palm
Basic Credit Information
     The Credit Info tool is an information resource explaining the overall concept of credit.
Credit Disputes
     The Credit Disputes tool is an information resource explaining steps to take to make corrections to a credit report.

CredMedic Help
     The CredMedic Help tool provides contact information for assistance with using the CredMedic software package.
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